LAME: i just met some pals out for italian dinner, it was nothing spectacular, just good, light (northern style) italian fare. but one of the dudes just could not stop raving about the place. like seriously wouldn’t shut up. and even tho they had tons of antipasti, he wouldn’t get a bunch and share it family style. dude, that’s so NOT italian. the food was good, but expensive. i dunno if i’ll be going back soon.

COOL: while we were eating, the dude at the next table got down and proposed to his girlfriend. the restaurant (La Osteria) is tiny (it seats 25 or so), so we all expected this was a done deal. when she said yes (oh so quietly) everyone in the restaurant cheered. very nice. but the cool part was that the ring box had a tiny white light in the lid that lit up the diamond in the dark reastaurant. now that is putting LED lights to some good use.

LAME: when i got home i got invited to go out to an anniversary party for a club a friend owns. it’s an alright place and i’ll probly have fun… if i go. i just wanna sit on the couch tho.

COOL: but i just wanna sit on the couch cuz i just started playing splinter cell and it is SO amazing. i loved metal gear: solid and didn’t know if any other sneak and spy type game could win my heart, but splinter cell kicks some serious booty. the controls are fairly intuitive. there’s much more sneaking and much less shooting. and the goals are more open ended. just objectives and rules. no maps, no instructions. just WOW! plus we’ll be able to download new levels via xbox live…. right on.


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