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the u.s. is a relatively new country; we’re still young and think we know everything. teenagers, like dogs, often make the same mistakes over and over again. back during world war 2, we rounded up pretty much everyone of japanese descent on the west coast, stripped them of their possesions, and locked them up in […]

new habits


or, turning japanese… about a month or so ago, i had to make the case for camera phones to my coworkers. all of them were white, in their late 20s to early 30s and living that sort of old people lifestyle that comes early in the northwest. they are the types of techies who are […]



since everyone loves halloween, i’d like to vote for the weekend before christmas as the most evil time of the year. oh sure, it seems happy and pleasant enough. parties and shopping. but it’s like the chucky or the gremlins or something. it seems all sweet and innocent until it’s too late and then EEK […]

then rain held off and i got to the theatre dry and in plenty of time. home movie was ok. actually it was painfully sad. no one in it had an easy life, and it seems that’s why each escaped to a freaky, and somewhat secluded house. the house boat dude was an alligator wrangler. […]

the last time i tried to go see tonight’s feature at the Red Vic, there was some weird power outage at the movie theatre and despite the fact that johnny and i managed to get in line early, we were denied at the gate. after months of looking forward to heavy metal parking lot (the […]

ok, that doesn’t have anything to do with today’s post but who cares. isn’t that the most hilarious thing u’ve heard in a while. it’s a line from an old will and grace. the only funny show with homos (but 6 feet under is the best). i bit the bullet today and got my damn […]



a few weeks ago john went into work, and learned he was being demoted. no longer was he manager of the shop, but now just a part time employee. yesterday john went into work and learned that he’d be out of a job soon. the shop is closing. it started to lose money, and honestly […]