Cooler than me


karl (aka kaptain karl) is here visting me and johnny. karl is a man who creates fun and excitement around him, even when he’s just sitting in our living room playing around on his computer. as usual he brought all kinds of completely obscure music and images with him, while johnnny and i showed him all the more recent stuff he’s been missing while in his basement, or out on tour.

just like beth and pt, karl’s recently been to japan (again) and has pictures of all kinds of goofiness he stumbled across there. of course being busy with work, he’s never able to experience too much of the local flavor at once, but he does have a cool pic of the giant weezer banner hanging in front of budohkan.

karl has always impressed me because of his ceaseless documentation of *everything*. karl has pictures or video or recordings from every part of his life. this trip he showed me the complete set list collection, which he recently digitally archived- in chronological order of course. he’s a mad man- puts everyone i know, art student or not, to shame.

no one special update

so brian, being a smart programmer dude and much more interested in securty than me, is proposing methods of secure posts via email. his current plan is after you send an entry, we reply to it with a request for a password, then you send your password and everything’s approved. i, not being security smart and wanting to be able to post via sms/mms, want something that doesn’t involve a volley of emails. but everything i come up with is too easily spoofed. lemme know if u have any suggestions.


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