the Kid stays in the Picture


who knew that a documentary about a movie studio exec’s life could actually be interesting. before we went to this film, i nearly objected as there are so many other new films out that i’m dying to see. right now todd haynes’ “far from heaven is topping the list just cuz his movies are such complete freakshows. i mean did you see safe? crazyness. but instead we went to go see a documentary on robert evans, who it turns out was the studio force behind such american classics as rosemary’s baby, the godfather and chinatown. how’s that for some serious movie picking talent? the man was a hollywood swinger, but one with taste. he fucked up later on, but only after he became a full on coke addict and thus a complete idiot.

at the end of the film bobbie said something like “it’s worth all the effort because i actually love what i do, and most people don’t like their vocation”. i may go stir crazy from time to time, but i dig what i do too, even if most my friends and family have *no clue* what i do. i think that’s cool tho, because then eventually i can start to act like i’m a spook and everyone will believe it… at least once i become a badd ass kickboxer. today i was not awesome at all, but that’s ok becuz tomorrow the student becomes the master and i will help asia learn to throw like a champ. she will rule the ring on sunday.


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