opportunity knocks


yesterday in kickboxing, we finally worked on something i’ve known for a while, in fact i had just been discussing it with one of our fighters the night before. you cannot just shoot in on your opponent and expect him to fall. you must distract him, get him off balance. you must create an opportunity to enter.

lately i feel guilty because i’ve been doing exactly that, and yet because of my stupid morality i haven’t been doing it well. not in the ring. no. in life. i saw an opening, i worked it, and now all i can do is sit back and wait, i can’t go for the big points. it’s killin me. i’m not a patient person to begin with, even less so now because i’m dyin for a chance. i thought i was creating the right opportunity, i hope i’m right. sadly this has been the only part of my life where i been workin at making something. i been too lax about about creating opportunity elsewhere. i’m on a mission to start makin changes everywhere.

anyone who looks in my front window knows i’m not all that good at creating opportunity while playing splinter cell. i’m tryin like hell to distract the cops but i can never get it just right to i can sneak up and grab one. i’ll work it out- eventually.


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