the problem with being stupid


ok, so maybe i’m not stupid, but i’m sure as hell not a programmer, not in the least. i took programming classes in high school and college. for a while i did ok on my own though the phrase most often heard out of my teachers’ / t.a.s’ / professors’ mouths was “this shouldn’t work, but it does.” eventually that caught up with me and the only way i finished my requisite a.i. classes at university was cheating… yep. i admit it. i did great in everything, but i couldn’t code for squat. not surprisingly logic and science classes *killed* me (i didn’t cheat in those, i just did terrible). thus i learned that i was one of those artsy fartsy types who could draw or write, but not program.

i’ve always been a guy with ideas, but never a business plan. i create things, but i cannot commoditize them. after 5 years in advertising, i think i can sell most anything, except for my own stuff of course.

not being capable of doing everything myself, i must rely on others. often times when you work with other people on a project, you have to make changes and compromises. everyone needs to be a part of the process if they are to take some ownership of a project. but others may not feel the same sense of urgency or importance, which kinda stinks for a dude like me. see i need to finish projects relatively quickly or i lose interest. that’s life in our ADD society, right? now or never.

so i’m trying to research whether i can make no one special come to life on my own. looking into what applications and environments are available to see if i can use any of them to make this happen. while browsing for ideas i came across hiptop nation’s reading list. i’ve been reading modern fiction for so long i forgot all about my penchant for tech society books. i guess it’s time to finish you shall know our velocity and get crackin.

i may be stupid, but at least i can read.


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