that’s incredible


remember that stupid 80’s show? john davidson and his fabulous tan was one of the hosts. gosh weren’t the 80’s great? no one knew or cared about skin cancer. now we all look like pale ghosts of our former fabulous selves. but i digress. actually i haven’t even gotten to the point yet, so never mind.

anyway i spent the entire day today at a kung fu and kickboxing tournament. i was working there, not fighting. but working allowed me the advantage of spending my day on the floor, in the midst of the competition. some of the kung fu was ok, especially the wu shu with it’s high flying acrobatics. it’s simply amazing that some people can throw themselves into the air like that, especially when everything i’ve done is all about staying as grounded as possible.

this tourney was the first time i ever got to see serious sanshou. it turns out like half the san shou schools in the us are in cali (there’s a few more back east). so i got to see lots of competitiors from well known schools- much better known than ours. and apparently for a good reason. the fighters from the other schools came across as more serious, more blood thirsty than our folks. there were tons of great matches. i saw knockouts literally 3 feet in front of my face. i saw good coaching, bad coaching, and all shades in between. what i saw was what the human body is capable of, and man can it take, and dish out, a lot of punishment.

i’m terribly proud of the folks from my school who got in the san shou ring. we were the least experienced school there, but some of our boys (and girl) put up a good fight. i don’t know if i can do it. i’m starting light contact, but i dunno if i can build up to the ferocity that full on san shou demands.


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