macpocalypse now


or, live by the cup, die by the cup… last night when i came home from the tourney i was tired- very tired. so what did i do? make myself an espresso of course, and got online to blog about the day’s haps. the first post went off ok, but as i sipped my cup over the second post- one about sportsmanship, that’s when it occurred. the macpocalypse. the coffee cup was in my hand but instead of going in my mouth, it went all over the keyboard.

there’s a scene from the begining of twin peaks- agent cooper and his young partner are in a diner in spokane. coop, tired of how green his fresh-out-of-the-academy partner is, decides to play a trick on him. coop notices that his partner wears his watch on the same hand he holds his coffee cup in. just when dude picks up his coffee cup, coop asks him for the time, and BOO M, coffee all over little know-it-all’s pants. very funny. very similar to the macpocalypse except there was no watch and no agent cooper.

i immediately soaked up what i could. then, once i finished what was left of my coffee, i unhooked the keyboard, unscrewed the back and cleaned out the computer. i let it dry for a few hours and then booted it up, it worked, except it pretty much crashed and died after a few minutes. now the damn thing won’t even turn on.

the good news is that if i can’t revive my mac, i won’t have lost much. all my mp3s are in my ipod, all my email is online. all my articles is (miraculously) backed up to solid state USB drive. the only thing i’d be missing is all my passwords, and a few cute digital pix of the dogs that i never backed up. i guess being mobile has it’s advantages.


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