good money after bad


it started so well: i got work done. andy, the master of mayhem, helped me think of some awesome gifts for my mom. i had a great lunch at a new cafe. i dropped off my mac at the store so the techs could check it out. then things got ugly. i stopped at compusa to check out potential mom presents. of course, i got no help there. and of course, i checked out all the new macs too.

i was on the motorcycle so i got home quick. i was having a great time zipping in and out of traffic. i was even playing leapfrog with a cute guy dude doing the same thing in an old convertible ferrari. it was great. but when i actually stopped the bike at my house, i don’t know what i did, but i dropped it. i snapped the brake lever… again. it sucked, but no big deal. it’s 16 bux and i can fix it myself. but that was the plug bursting in the dyke, and shortly there after the computer techs called to let me know that it would be *a lot* of money to fix the mac. more than it’s probably worth to me. i’m sad to lose my mac and gain a very expensive paperweight. johnny gets a score as i’ll give him my 30 gig drive. good for him, and good for me once i recover all my goodies off of it.

things picked up slightly as after some research, my pal carlos helped me score the presents for mom. even tho he’s saving me a bundle, it’s still a lot of money. i couldn’t resist the deal and even got a little somethin somethin for myself. we both got sony u-20 digicams, and i got my mom a photo printer that she can pop the memory stick right into, no computer required. the printer has an lcd touch screen so she can see the pix and make the prints right there. very cool.

i went to kickboxing to work off the frustration, and then the worry about spending so much dough. it’s been great. jeff has observed our weaknesses from the tournament and has started us on a new regime to strengthen our weak areas. totally excellent. i got the official lowdown on sparring gear tonight, so i can work on getting it and get my butt in the ring. ugh, more money to spend.


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