defending your life


a little while back, brian wanted to know if after all this kickboxing i felt i could defend myself. i answered sure, but i also know the fights i can’t win. brian had seen a kinda twinkish gay couple get fresh on the T, and he wondered what would happen if someone (or ones), started to go off on this couple. brian questioned whether he could defend himself competently.

luckily brian and the boston crew got size on their side, me, i’m a little guy. i look like an easy target, but i also look like i’m not worth the fight. no one ever tried to hit me, not in high school, not ever. lucky me. tonight after class i realized that i can’t fight harder than most guys on the street, if they can throw a punch, they probly outweigh me. but luckily i can fight pretty smart. so i guess, yah, i feel pretty confident about defending myself from some dumbass fag bashers. even the ones with baseball bats. (why do they always have bats, that’s so weak.) but i also don’t think i could teach brian or anyone else how to save himself, which i feel sorta bad about.


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