gimme my wallet back


maybe i was just precocious, maybe i was weak, but for whatever reason, i wasn’t confident of much when i was younger, not even as a teenager, when i was supposed to be stupid and overconfident. don’t get me wrong, i was a total pain the ass know it all, but i lacked self-confidence. but every year i gain more confidence. about 5 years ago i got into this habit of saying “i rock” whenever i do something especially inspiring. it’s a self-fulfilling cycle.

i remember an interview i had i portland about 1997. i got so flustered trying to explain myself that i stopped, put my head in my hands, took a deep breath and started over. it was awful. needless to say i didn’t get the job. i was still pretty green and didn’t have the confidence to relay my skills well. i couldn’t strike fear or comfort, whichever it really is, into the heart of interviewers.

i also remember my first interview in san francisco, at concept kitchen. i don’t think i had to say very much because my work spoke for me. since then i don’t think i’ve had an actual job interview, i’ve just gone from one gig to the next by sheer force of opportunity. but i think often about the things i do. about the way i talk about them. and i know i come across as one bad ass motherfucker now (to quote jules’ wallet).


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