a few weeks ago john went into work, and learned he was being demoted. no longer was he manager of the shop, but now just a part time employee. yesterday john went into work and learned that he’d be out of a job soon. the shop is closing. it started to lose money, and honestly it probably was a good business decision. altho it has screwed john in the short term, i think it’s just what he needs to start on a new career path, once he returns from his visit home. he’s only been gone half an hour, but knowing he won’t be home for week, i miss him already. i don’t understand how i have become so attached to my pal. there’s no reason for us not to, except that our only relationship is friendship. anyway i digress

yesterday another pal of mine got screwed too. being in the limelight, she was an easy mark. and it turns out that some spiteful person decided to take on her public persona. a few months back he sent emails out posing as her. then he created a spoof of her blog that was nothing but hurtful. then after a great deal of work, my friend and her husband cut the dude. got the spoof shut down and everything. they thought it was over, but no such luck. last night the same person sent out email in my pal’s name again and has managed to resurrect the spoof site. my friends have decided to get more serious this time. they’re hoping a call from the authorities will scare the bejeezuuz out of this fool and put this issue to bed. if not, my next post will definitely be about the best defense being a good offense.


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