a needle in a gaystack


ok, that doesn’t have anything to do with today’s post but who cares. isn’t that the most hilarious thing u’ve heard in a while. it’s a line from an old will and grace. the only funny show with homos (but 6 feet under is the best).

i bit the bullet today and got my damn vaccinations for my trip. a shot for yellow fever and some pills for typhoid. geez when will we eliminate deadly disease. instead of engiineering drugs to combat them, couldn’t we engineer the people? are we looking for the wrong answers? i hate shots, and i hope that in a generation of two, no one will need them. the funny thing is i hate shots for no good reason. i think i had to get them alot when i was young, so i grew to fear and detest them. now everytime i need to get a shot i make this big deal about it, but when i get the shot, it’s no big deal. i have to start remembering that this isn’t so bad. i actually gonna get a few more vaccinations when i get back from this trip cuz i need to get up date on my shots, so hopefully that will help.

i bought a new camera for my trip today. and, as usual, managed to sell my old digicam on the same day. the exilim was really cool cuz it fit in my wallet, but it wasn’t quite the quality i wanted in a camera. it took great shots of the pals when we’d go out, but that’s about it. no scenic vistas or anything, mostly because it was a fixed focus camera. i replaced the exilim with a sony u20, a tiny but not wallet sized camera. it fits in my pocket and is light as a feather, but the important thing is it takes better pictures. is it worth it to get into what “better” means? no. this ain’t a digital photo fan site. suffice it to say that the u20 is just a “push here dummy” camera with maximum results and minimum options.


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