since everyone loves halloween, i’d like to vote for the weekend before christmas as the most evil time of the year. oh sure, it seems happy and pleasant enough. parties and shopping. but it’s like the chucky or the gremlins or something. it seems all sweet and innocent until it’s too late and then EEK there’s blood everywhere. yesterday was the land of holiday parties, it was unbelievable. while each one was fun, they all add up to an evening of go someplace, meet new friends and old, start having fun, leave, repeat.

to complete the hellish experience, today was shopping day. i wanted to get the last of the presents, plus i needed to pick up a few things to make some mix cds as other presents. union square was mad busy, of course. i stayed to the edges, getting the stuff i needed for today, but not everything i need for my trip. then i went to haight st, figuring i could finish up there. how wrong i was. haight st itself didn’t seem any more crowded than any other weekend, but every store was packed! i couldn’t even get in the bookstore. it was nasty. villains was the only store big enough to actually shop in with out suffocating. good for presents, bad for my book needs.

to complete the trifecta, i came home to burn at least one of the mix cds. i’ve been working really hard on this compilation to bring joe and trina. that was already shitty because without my mac i was stuck in windows media player- which is not very user friendly. i mean u actually have to save changes to a playlist once you move things around. UGH! once i got the playlist right, i plugged in my cd burner and at least windows worked like it should and recognized the cdr. of course windows media player thought it was being all slick. i went to burn the disc but couldn’t find any option to slow down the burn rate. (my POS cdrw only makes coasters when burning at its max speed.) so it conks out and burns a coaster and says “try again, we’ve slowed down the burn rate now.” well you wouldn’t have fuckin failed if you’d have let me do that in THE FIRST PLACE.

in addition to actually working tomorrow. i have to finish my vacation shopping. i still need to get some books and a bathing suit. i’m not bringing any computers or pdas with me, so i need to get some actual paper books. and since i never take hot weather vacations, i never had a bathing suit. who’d a guessed? oh yah, and travelers checks.


3 Responses to “holidaze”

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