new habits


or, turning japanese… about a month or so ago, i had to make the case for camera phones to my coworkers. all of them were white, in their late 20s to early 30s and living that sort of old people lifestyle that comes early in the northwest. they are the types of techies who are more concerned with power and speed than utility. they couldn’t understand why anyone would want a subpar camera adding a little bulk to a cell phone. i explained that it was all about the “snapshot moment” and sharing time; that it didn’t require lots of megapixels to share the thought. over the course of a few days, i managed to use my exilim to snap many shots of these folks in candid moments that they would not have otherwise caught in pictures. every time i would be sure to point out that even tho it wasn’t a 3 megapisel photo, i was the only one who took a picture at all. after a few days, they swore they were convinced, but i think they were just agreeing with me to be nice.

tonight i was walking down to king of thai for some yummy cheap dinner and on my way i went by the coronet. it was a little after 10 and there was a 10:50 of the two towers. i was thinking of going, but by the time i was walking by, there was already a line in the parking lot. granted the coronet seats like 900, but still i didn’t have patience for a line like that. the best part of the line is that there were people dressed like hobbits and wizards and whatnot waiting in it. it’s official: lord of the rings has fanatics. ringers? lordies? come on we have to coin a phrase for these poor souls. anyway i wanted to take some pictures of these fans and the lines but alas, there’s no longer a camera in my wallet. and i haven’t gotten in the habit of shoving the u20 in a pocket just yet. shit! tonight was the perfect night for photos. it was clear there were so many things to see: the line, this couple makin out in the window seat of a well lit pizza place, a cane forgotten next to an atm. and all i can do is write about them.

just before i left, serial experiments lain was on pbs. what a great anime series that was. and how forward thinking. all their phones sent pictures, and this was before that was actually true in japan. in addition, the whole idea is that the net is the collective conscious was so foretelling of what has happened in the past few years. while bloggin supposedly isn’t that big in japan, especially photo blogging, the idea of a connected collective record has really caught on. hopefully it hasn’t spawned any computer kids like lain yet.


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