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there are different smells of sweat. i have learned this in my time kickboxing. the first kind you don’t have to go to a gym to smell. it’s the smell of tanning. there’s a distinct oder we realease when we tan, it kinda smells like cocunut oil, even you haven’t touched any. if you just […]

second to face 2 face interaction, i’ll take im anyday. now some pals of clay have done a cool experiment using both real and virtual chat concurrently. at first i thought “oh great, just what we need a bunch of people in the same room talkin to their computers instead of each other.” but it […]

so we’re having a late dinner at king of thai, as we so often do, when johnny says “in 3 years, all cafes will have free airport (meaning wifi).” what? johnny never talks about tech stuff like this, but he knows i’m into it. his reasoning. cafes realize that having internet access brings them business. […]

white boy


so i forgot to tell y’all about it, but when i was in vegas gadget and i went out for chinese food at this place called noodles in the bellagio. believe it or not they have some damn authentic stuff and we were pretty much the only round eyes in there. they had a great […]



niether johnny nor i could sleep lat night. i was all nervous about fight club and waking up early, johnny had things on his mind or somethin. we both took short naps this afternoon, but i still feel like crap. my body just doesn’t like getting up early. so i’m skipping tomorrow morning and just […]



tomorrow mornin is the first day of fight club. eek. there’s no reason for me to be scared, but i am anyway. luckily it’s so early in the morning that i won’t be able to think rationally when i’m there. tonight to keep busy, i’ve been trying to migrate to radio.userland to no avail. it […]

i’m not anti corporation, i am not anti globalization. so while this piece in newsweek laments the entry of Easy corp into internet cafes, i actually celebrate it. here’s why: i have experienced mom and pop internet cafes in developing countries. some have decent rigs, broadband connectivity and all the things you’d want from a […]