no really, i like this


i’m a sucker for self abuse when it comes to getting away. i remember rollins had this bit about being a workaholic. how he’d be on the west coast one day and volunteer to “pick apples in albania” the next. traveling is great, i want to see as much as i can, but boy is it nice to come home sometimes. vegas wore me out. i was so tired i fell asleep at the gate waiting to board the plane home. i got on the plane, immediately fell asleep again, and was rudely woken up by the bright cabin lights when we landed. for the past two days i have slept 9-10 hours / night. boy do i feel good.

CES had some interesting products. first i think the era of the camera-mp3 player is dead. and good riddance to it. however the era of the camera-mobile phone and camera-pda are both taking off. even here in the US. a number of manufacturers have now shown off or hinted at many models with integrated VGA or SVGA digicams. perfect. some even have flashes and/or zoom. WOW. excellent. i think my favorite newly announced model is the motorola V600. let’s just hope the motorola software supports the fine hardware. the new hitachi pocket pc phone w/ integrated camera is amazing. tho the keyboard makes it big, it’s still smaller than you think. lastly, for a stand alone camera, the pentax optio S now is the pocket cam of my dreams.

a quick rundown of things i learned in south america: it’s hard to get a good cup of coffee no matter where you live (except seattle). pcs cost too much for the rest of the world. most kids outside north america don’t care about email. and there are simply not enough useful sites formatted for mobile devices. it’s a shame too. i think if there were, that mobile devices could really take over for computers outside of north america. oh and when it’s about 75 degrees all year round, that’s pretty much perfect weather. maybe i need to move to san diego

i’ll be back with regular updates this week. i have much technology ideas to comment on, but need to do a little thinking before i talk. suffice it to say my travels, reading Smart Mobs, and CES have all had a big impact on me these past 3 weeks.


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