i just wrote this whole awesome rant and deleted it in an effort to make all the normal instead of bold again. AAARRRRGH. so here we go again.

a sustainable future

i’ve met alot of geeks lately, not really a surprise right? i come in contact with lots of nerdy types cuz of the job, you know. these guys i’ve met lately are at the top of the pile though. they’re all working in some way or other to make sure that people can continue to use the internet however they wish. that things remain open and useful and affordable. that the government doesn’t control everything you read, download, etc.they talk about an open and sustainable network. this isn’t just nice, it’s great. these guys want to make sure the internet and our digital lives are a place where everyone can work together for good, a place where cooperation rules. i love what they do… in the digital world.

but for as much as these guys talk about sustainability, they have a dark side. see these guys aren’t your typical junk food eating soda swilling geeks. no like many up-to-date americans these days, this group of geeks all seem to be on some sort of low-carb, low-sugar diet a la atkins or caveman. these diets all basically let you eat as much vegetables (real vegetables not potatoes and the like) and protein (but not soy protein, especially not in the caveman diet) as you like. and because they don’t fill their stomachs with many carbs (or much vegetables from what i’ve seen), these guys can seriously pack away the flesh. granted this is healthier than pizza and powdered donuts. and it keeps these guys lookin slim with little to no exercise. but it is not theoretically sustainable.

now i’m not some super crunchy granola guy, but i see this as a bit hypocritical. we are already over fishing our seas. we are already destroying huge amounts of land by devoting too much of it to cattle and chicken. our practices are already tenuous at best, and if more people eat more protein than their bodies can use with such wreckless abandon, we will erode our resources even more quickly. quite simply, these guys are consuming an unsustainable and useless amount of meat. the human body simply cannot digest what these guys consume. so why is it when these guys care so much about a sustainable internet, that they are all on a diet that is not sustainable for the earth? with exercise and some moderation these guys could eat anything they want, including a more eco-friendly diet. it seems that they devote so much time to a better internet, they’ve forgotten about a better earth.

am i picking nits here? i don’t know. maybe i’m just pissed that these guys have chosen a gross diet over exercise. maybe i don’t eat sustainably. but i don’t fast food, and i don’t eat more protein than my body needs. i admit i AM picking on these guys despite the fact that many americans are on similar diets. however, it’s because i see the hypocrisy among these nerds, as opposed to the sheer ignorance of the other americans.


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