can’t seem to get what i want


the problem: i’m a consumer. i want to buy or download or consume the right tool, not make it. i really need to be out there contributing to these fields in some useful instead. just so you all know, i’m considering moving from blogger/blogspot to radiouserland. with each of them, i can get a for pay membership that will let me have images, and let me email posts (but will i be able to email posts with pictures?), but the other added service on radiouserland just seem more useful to me (is it ten bux a year more useful?) see, i must consume someone’s imperfect blog service cuz i don’t know how to make my own.

while it’s not necessarily the exact same problem, this definitely goes back to the “rugged prosumer” issue below. i have never found any device that’s perfect for me. i want to select the right combinations of features and build my own interface. oddly, i’ve been able to find the right software, but so far only on the mac. which of course makes my current lack of a mac very difficult to deal with.

and if anyone knows of a good site or blog with lots of gps reviews, please lemme know. i’m intrigued.


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