in the 80’s it was popular for young fags and other new wave kids to affect this love for all things english. music, accents, magazines, tv shows. you remember, right? i was a sucker for a lot of things when i was in high school, and while i never did anything as stupid as fake an english accent, i fell for english comedy. the english wit amuses me to no end. while american media, and thus american comedy is often aimed at the lowest common denominator, english humor requires wit and some brainpower- it brings the audience up to its level. bbc america has some of the funniest shows on tv. watch one episode of “coupling” and you’ll never watch friends again. “so graham norton” is just about the funniest talk show ever. and now this. i haven’t laughed this hard in a while. i tried reading the shower episode out loud to john and laughed so hard that i started crying and had to make john read it himself.

a while ago when i lived in oregon, the company i worked at would have the xmas parties. but they wouldn’t be held til after xmas, usually early january. it was a small company and we would get a private room in a restaurant and just have a nice dinner together. but we had to get a private room because we’d tell funny stories and laugh so loud the entire time that any restaurant would surely have kicked us out. dinner would last forever and we’d have a great time. such a great time, in fact, that every year i would leave with a headache from laughing so hard. really. it’s good to laugh like that again, and i find i’ve been doing it alot lately.


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