i’m good enough, i’m smart enough


today is the day i must decide whether i will commit to certain new ventures. the first is fight club. only this is a fight club i can talk about. kickboxing has started some super elite training camp and if i make it through alive, i’m up for a shot on my schools soon to exist san shou team. at first i was wary of starting because i thought i might be moving soon. now that i realize that was just wishful thinking (it could still happen, but not tomorrow or anything), and the only thing to fear is fear itself. actually the only thing to fear is the 6 am training times on tues and weds. EEK! so today i must steel myself and sign up. i’m a bit fearful getting hurt during training, but hey, then i’ll just have an injury to brag about.

the second choice is about mental exercises. as i’ve said before, i’ve been looking for a different blogging tool, one that offers you the chance to discuss things (when i’m not just talking about myself) and one that offers me greater mobile power so i can post from one of my many phone like devices. i had finally settled on radio.userland, when today a good pal offers me space on his movable type server. now i know that movable type is awfully powerful for layout and feedback, but i don’t think i can post to it via email. so now i must research which is the best choice and get my butt in gear so i can get y’all a bit more involved.


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