corporate stupor


i’m not anti corporation, i am not anti globalization. so while this piece in newsweek laments the entry of Easy corp into internet cafes, i actually celebrate it. here’s why: i have experienced mom and pop internet cafes in developing countries. some have decent rigs, broadband connectivity and all the things you’d want from a net cafe. some have computers that barely work and/or dog slow connection speeds. in my experience very few places called net cafes outside the u.s. are even cafes at all. they’re more like computer stores. most of them don’t even have decent coffee or anything to eat.

easy corp wants to prefab the net part.15 computers in private spaces, all the software, a time management system and everything all built into a 200 sq.ft. space. perfect. then any place with lots of travelers and decent atmosphere can put one of these systems in. i buy one easynet time card and it works no matter what cafe i go to anywhere, and i know that the systems will be reliable and in good shape. let easy corp take care of the hard technical part and let cafe or hostel owners do what they do best and everyone wins. the guy who wrote this piece probly stays in fancy hotels anyway, so what does he care?


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