tomorrow mornin is the first day of fight club. eek. there’s no reason for me to be scared, but i am anyway. luckily it’s so early in the morning that i won’t be able to think rationally when i’m there. tonight to keep busy, i’ve been trying to migrate to radio.userland to no avail. it requires a temporary ftp site and all this crap. i have to export blogger to an ftp site and then install some special script and have radio import it. when stuff isn’t as easy an apple application, it scares me. where’s my file > import?

the last thing that scares me today, well, it’s actually something that’s scared me for about 5 months or so. i’m always totally freaked out, like scared freaked out, when i see commercials or people in the media who have lost more than i weigh or who need to lose that much. many of these people are not that much taller than me, and yet they’re carrying an extra me around with them. dude, how is that possible? that’s just awful. jarod, that subway guy, lost TWO of me. TWO!


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