white boy


so i forgot to tell y’all about it, but when i was in vegas gadget and i went out for chinese food at this place called noodles in the bellagio. believe it or not they have some damn authentic stuff and we were pretty much the only round eyes in there. they had a great menu and i was totally excited for a little taste of home in las vegas. so i ordered preserved vegetable pork noodle soup, which i didn’t see as a problem. only the waitress, who i feel sorry for because she must be really tired of white tourists, asked “do you mean barbeque pork noodles?” “no, i mean preserved veggie pork noodles” “really?” “yes” “you know the vegetable is like cabbage” “yes” “ok” “oh and can we have an order of water spinach?” “ohhhhhhh. water spinach, ok”

san francisco has spoiled me. i have lots of asian friends here. it’s ok to be white and order something more authentic than general tsao’s chicken. but elsewhere i’m still some stupid ass white kid with sensitive taste buds and a hankering for fried food. what does this have to do with anything. well because i’m happy that no one here treats me like a sensitive flower just because i’m white or short or whatever.

today, i went to bev-mo to pick up a little snack after kickboxing. i was hankering for something savory and an assuming jar of salsa caught my eye. it was bev-mo generic brand and all the label said was “habanero” and then “salsa” in much smaller type. i got home and dug in and PHEW was it hot. wow! how great! no “Warning, white people might think this is too hot to consume” on the label or nothin. just good hot salsa. i love california.


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