the smell of pain


there are different smells of sweat. i have learned this in my time kickboxing. the first kind you don’t have to go to a gym to smell. it’s the smell of tanning. there’s a distinct oder we realease when we tan, it kinda smells like cocunut oil, even you haven’t touched any. if you just go to the gym and lift you really only smell one type athletic sweat. it’s not too smelly and it’s kinda sticky. the smell of strenuous but not exhausting aerobic exercise is similar, but the sweat is thinner and saltier. it gets crusty when you cool down. then there’s the smell of exhaustion. this is the smell of pre-season training or boot camp. it only comes out when people are literally training til they can’t train anymore. it smells acrid. actually it’s awful. the only good thing is that usually everyone around is in the same state, so you all smell the same. tonight was my first night seriously sparring. and though it was considered a complement, our teacher jeff took it upon himself to give me a thorough beating. i did bad, then i did ok, then i did real bad. some time in there, i realized i smelled different. i don’t think this was the smell of fear, because honestly i don’t remember being afraid. no i remember hurting. i can’t describe the smell for you yet, because this was the first time. and quite honestly i don’t wanna be dumb enough to smell it again, but i’m sure i will.


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