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let me catch you up on things, and then let me encourage you to jump right in… joi ito isn’t just the partron saint of mobilized social systems, he (yes, HE) is also hard at work trying to change(ok, overthrow) the elitist political and business heirarchy overshadowing japan (but not alone, mind you). he (rightfully) […]

no, my mother was not once my father, but that’s a whole other story. this isn’t so much just about my mother as it is about the generation gap and how the rapid evolution of technology is widening it. my mother is not a technical person, she never has been. the year after my dad […]

most guys go to the gym, they get big muscles, and they don’t really need to say anything. they can just wear reasonably fitting clothes and the girls or boys they’re trying to attract will notice. kickboxing does not give you huge muscles. it barely gives you big muscles. but they’re all shaped kinda funny […]

this man is evil or at least malicious and immature.

i’m not quite sure what this has to do with the mobile lifestyle, but i know it’s in there somewhere. i dunno about you, but i love games that have a real intellectual challenge to ’em. and i was a total sucker for the idea of majestic, a mystery that takes place in real life […]

siemens have announced their first smartphone based on nokia’s series 60 platform. instead of the standard 3 x 4 key layout, the sx1has 2 columns of 6 keys, one down either edge of the phone. add this to nokia’s new series 60, the 3650, on which the keys are layed out in a circle and […]

the color hiptop has peeked its head out in europe. it looks exactly the same except for the screen. wired news has a run down of all the mobile blogging software that’s ready for the market. it includes many of the apps i’ve blogged about, and a few new ones. i thought a wired story […]