i don’t count


joi ito, who is the patron saint of howard rheingold, is one hella cool dude. he’s researching the coolest stuff in japan and teaching them a thing or two as well. it turns out there’s a whole band of gaijin he knows, all of whom are in similar situations. these people are the first to make me jealous in a long time. they are doing something i want to do, only i didn’t know i wanted to do it until well maybe a year ago. from the sound of it, these guys have been doing it their whole careers and have always known that this was their goal. such vision, such dedication. i lack these things. ok, i don’t lack them, i just don’t have as much as some other folks and that makes me jealous. i was less jealous until the web brought these people within reach. now that i can read about their lives, their thoughts, and yes their research, i feel so small.

another shuttle has blown up again, about 20 years after the first. astronauts who work so hard, who mean so much to people don’t deserve to die like that. though at least they died doing something only like 100 other people have EVER done. it’s tough to say something bad about astronauts. hell, it’s easier to say bad things about religious clergy. these people are nearly saints for every child and adult dreamer. i never wanted to be one, but i always thought they were cool.


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