I’m catchin a train on the plane


I’m finally catching up with the rest of business people around the globe and reading the clutrain manifesto. Yes, people have told me to read this damn book for well over two years now, but there?s been too much good fiction to read and I didn?t want to make time for something more ?serious,? especially when everyone was just telling me that I already understood what it was saying. Of course I did. I?m a child of the computer.

In the second chapter Rageboy recalls his first computer, which got me thinking about my apple ][e. my pops and I would pack the damn thing up once a month, and bring it to the orange public library, as would all the other local apple owners. Everyone would bring boxes of blank floppies and there we would take part in a proto version of p2p file sharing. Everyone would offer their software and files to anyone with a blank diskette. It was p2p on the sneakernet. Who knew we were pioneers?

Lucky I?m reading this darn book now, because joi ito (she?s quickly becoming my patron saint as well) just had a cluetrain moment on her blog, and I was a part of it. she has recently discovered shure in-ear headphones as well, and I had posted to her entry about my love for the e5c model. Next thing you know a guy from shure was there to chime in and offer a connection. And the next thing you know he remembered my antics at CES. He’s now identified me as ‘that guy from MS’? I hope that doesn’t adversely effect my rep on her site.

Speaking of which, now that I?ve ?redesigned? this site as a stop gap, I?m back into the fray to get us up and running on a system with comments. pt says not to worry about comments or pix or more personal matters, but I think all of them are critical. For instance, I wanted to share some pictures of art currently hangin in Gina?s cafe. The artist has taken photos of the figurines and mannequins at Musee Mechanique, and has truly captured the expression on each of their faces, making each character come to life, even more so than if you were standing right in front of the game.

Random notes from this week: my shins are bruised and battered from kickboxing last week and have become an olive and purple mess. The new imacs came out this week. the 17″ one has all the same specs as that fancy new 17″ powerbook, for 1300 bux less. Yet despite the fact that I have been waiting for this new model to come out I still haven?t ordered one. I don?t know what I think I;m waiting for. I need to order one but fast, because I?m about to be without a pc. I need to send my lappy back to sony to get the screen hinge fixed. Oh yah, and from now on I’m pretty sure I couldn?t get a date to save my life.


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