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over the weekend some bastard stole doc’s laptop. doc, apparently a peaceloving man, has NOT spent night and day hunting down the bastard to administer a well deserved beating. instead he’s going out of his head to get back online. he had a tibook stolen. i conveniently have a tibook that’s been put out to pasture. so all we need to do is revive my tibook and doc gets his life back. in a similar spirit of generosity, chris has set up a paypal fund to buy doc a new tibook. here’s the deal: if he gets around 700 bux, we can use it to fix my book and give that to doc, but if he gets more- much more, than chris will use that to buy doc a new tibook. a fast one, with lots of pixels, and a superdrive. which would u rather have? (duh!) so go on, give doc a couple bucks. you know he’s your hero.
UPDATED!wonder of wonders. somehow through hard work and good fortune, doc’s powerbook was returned to him today! wish him congratulations.


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