you didn’t read it here


in late october i had a revelation. i had just heard doc searls speak about blogging, decentralization and other related topics. hiptop nation had just started, and i saw the power of photo blogging. i had some real expusure to the popularity of camera phones in japan. and i wrote an email to some fellow nerds about soon we will have the power to become our own newscasters, our own news channels. not just about one small slice of knowledge, but about daily events. today i followed a link to a link to this. The BBC is asking regular citizens to use their picture phones to help augment BBC news stories. Take a VGA photo of a news event, and send it to them as an mms or email, along with a description of the event, and maybe they’ll use your man on the scene report.

and while we’re on the subject of picture phones, i’ve seen about 10 links to this same article on Slate about taking a sanyo 5300 camera phone to a bar here in SF to let people play with. some frame it as “don’t drink and picture message”, but the way i see it, it says “picture messaging is the next killer app for cell phones”. duh. any japanese person could’ve told you that a year ago.


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