cyril’s dead


or at least i think he is. i love the dramas on HBO. you could say i worship 6 feet under. i watch oz pretty religiously. at first for all the wrong reasons, i just wanted to see chris meloni as a hot homo. then i actually got into the story. really into it. tonight i was watchin some tv while grabbin dinner and turned on the latest oz episode on tivo. cyril o’reilly, the retarded brother of ryan is getting executed. the scene is exceptional. all the emotion one should expect from someone dying without any cheesy hollywood drama. i’m nearly in tears. at least i’m not crying like a baby like i did for “dancer in the dark”. breaking news oh my gosh, cyril was granted a stay. and there’s only two more episodes of OZ ever. with the end of so many HBO series in sight, i hope that they will bring on some new ones to keep me interested. i truly believe they have the best fiction on tv.


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