ATT or T mobile


my cingular contract is just about up. but this isn’t really about me, this is about what the other 2 gsm carriers are up to.

t-mobile: between rebates from amazon and tmobile you can get a sidekick free with signup at tmobile. who can beat a price like that, especially when you consider the service plans include unlimited data. WOW! tmobile also has MMS and i believe that their sms system is finally up to snuff. however they still don’t send an actual voice mail setup message. instead everytime you get a voice message, you are sent a regular sms that says “call your voicemail”. how stupid is that? t mobile the best prices of any gsm operator in the US, by the way.

att wireless: att launched MMS today. they have location based services such as friend finder, and soon dating/matchmaking. they will also be the most likely to launch EDGE first. OHHHHHH EDGE, 160 actual kbps of wireless goodness. ATT’s prices tend to be the highest, but in my experience you’re paying for quality of service.


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