things are as they should be


there are a host of things that have happened today that make me awfully happy. In chronoligical order: when i checked my email this morning, there was a letter from apple stating that my new imac has been shipped and should be at my doorstep tuesday or wednesday. then i went and got coffee with john. reading the cluetrain manifesto and thinking good thoughts. john is more aware of the issues i dedicate myself to than i ever suspected. we popped over to green apple, where i finally bought the office space dvd and johnny bought andrson’s birthday present. on the way home we discussed attending the peace protest in SF tomorrow. even though niether of us believe marching will change anything, we’re both upset enough to march anyway. ours is a day later because today is the last day of chinese new year and a march today would have conflicted with the parade. we got home and i learned that not only were the peace protests elsewhere well attended, but that the BBC used this occasion to innaugurate their new send us pictures from your cameraphones forum. i surfed around and discovered that doc has decided to pay it forward. later we’ll go furniture shopping for my new iMac (i bought a desktop, but i have no desk.) and then make our way over to shaft’s birthday party.


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