games that are a two way street


i’m not quite sure what this has to do with the mobile lifestyle, but i know it’s in there somewhere. i dunno about you, but i love games that have a real intellectual challenge to ’em. and i was a total sucker for the idea of majestic, a mystery that takes place in real life as well as on the computer. steven johnson (who i may actually get to meet) writes about a bunch of current incarnations of these games. none of which i’ve participated in yet. (what have i been doing? playing too much splinter cell?) also, curt, a friend of shaft’s told me about .H@CK, a new series of PS2 games that involve a sort of meta game crossing lines between tv and reality- and it also integrates a dvd too. COOL! they’re already on part 3 in japan and part 1 is finally coming to the US.


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