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so i didn’t have a damn thing to wear for the big interview, until today. like a typical man i went around, found stuff i liked, tried it on in the two sizes most likely to fit well, and bought which ever one fit. it took me an hour, which i thought was way too […]

the next 2 weeks are a whirlwind of activity. i leave thursday for big interview up @ the death star. then i come back for a whopping 36 hours before i go to france. everything is lookin good so far. wish me all kinds of luck.

tonight was one of my favorite sunsets. we get them quite a bit in the spring and fall here. the sky is clear, the day just gets a little crisp, the horizon glows greenish over the ocean. as your eyes move up in an arc the sky goes from green to light blue to blue […]

today while riding around i saw my second honda element. it was much smaller than i remembered and that actually made me very happy. i was very worried to be so obsessed with a large, or even medium sized car/suv. so i came home and when i had a little free time i did some […]

animal farm


you know what i’m gonna say. i know you know. all animals are created equal, some animals are more equal than others. i get lots of amazing freedoms by living in the US, don’t believe for a second i don’t know that. but, i’m really tired of living in a country that continually believes they’re […]

sorry i’ve been trying to stay really busy lately. during johnny’s visit, we spent saturday chillin in the hood, matt and debbie even came to visit! then we had some peeps over for some going away beers. it was all cool. sunday john packed up some more stuff and i went to east bay to […]

this is gonna sound sick. i know i should not say this but what the hell. today i was rethinking my going away present for johnny. see the first thing i thought of is the cast iron skillet we have that’s perfectly seasoned and john uses to cook sausage in. anyone who knows john will […]