apple does it right, according to rumors


this last week, windows media, aol+real, and i’m sure a few others have all launched pay music download services. it seems that the only good thing is that everyone has agreed on a price: 99 cents per song or 10 bux per month unlimited. the problem isn’t with the price, though that is a problem. the problem is that so far all the services tie the music to your computer. basically you can download it, but it’s stuck on your computer. first off, no one young or outside the US wants to be tied to their desktop. second you all have ’em so lets face it: the ipod rules the world. so if we want to take our music with us (which we do, don’t we?) these services will either fail, be hacked, or give in to letting us transfer our downloads.

rumors hit the l.a.times and the mac rumor mill today that apple is about to launch a music service as well. at first i was shocked. how could apple launch a service that wouldn’t work with the ipod. but after reading enough rumors, it seems apple had enough sense (and muscle) to strong arm the music biz into some portability. it’s a good thing everyone in the music biz has an ipod too.


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