stupid f*in cow


i’m not sure if i get it. i think it’s funny. dr. pepper created this totally hilarious blog to advertise their new wacky carbonated milk drink. (i believe this is the soda formerly known as “moo juice”, created a cornell.) they do some really creative stuff with it, and to make sure they did it right, they invited a bunch of blog superstars on an all expense paid trip to pick their brains (and obviously to get these bloggers talking about the raging cow blog). now EVERYONE IS talking about it, and they’re all giving dr. pepper a hard time for co-opting their precious medium, their trend. well guess what?

dr. pepper didn’t do it first. barbie’s had a blog for MONTHS now and everyone who’s seen it has only said “cute” or “cool”. why? because it’s barbie. mattel only advertises the barbie site on kids shows that they have a good idea pre-teen girls are watching. and since mattel didn’t invite any bloggers to ask for their help, it’s not on the official blog radar

now dr. pepper comes along and invites some bloggers in, lets them know they’re gonna use a blog as a hip advertising medium, and of course everyone says “NOOOOOO.” of course in the course of everyone saying no, dr. pepper has garnered a huge amount of publicity from this and roused some curiosity about their new drink in blogspace. chris even wanted to try some so he wrote them an email.

what do i think? get used to it. remember when guerilla posters were art? remember when when email was just something from your friends or colleagues? it’s gonna happen, and there’s nothing anyone can- or should- do to stop it. as long as it’s well done (and i think raging cow is), then bring it on. enjoy. it’s just a blog, it’s not like it’s taking over YOUR blog or anything.


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