nothing new is ever invented


i just got back from seeing wild style. chuck ahearn, the guy who made the movie was there. i thought was a pompous dickuntil he started telling stories about making the movie and such. anyway, wild style is the first hiphop culture movie- it was made years before breakin’ or any of those others. it’s got some serious grandaddies of rap: fantastic 5, cold crush bros. grand master flash, and even busy bee before he was defeated by kool moe dee and left the scene.

what’s amazing is that all the lines, all the breaks, all the beats are still basically the same ones used in any old-school style stuff coming out today (missy, j5, beastie boys, prince paul, etc.). the first time i realized how few lines were original was when i saw the footage of busy bee v. kool moe dee and recognized about half the lines from beastie boys songs. after seeing wild style i could slice and dice that into at least 10 current singles- and it’s now 20 years later!

i totally admit that alot of new school folks like outkast are bringin original material onto the scene. but i’m still shocked at how much stuff is actually old.


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