san francisco scenes


today i decided to get the hell out of my neighborhood. i mean it’s a nice place to sleep, but not really a place to enjoy what SF has to offer. so i hopped on the bike and rode down to the corner of haight and masonic with nothing more than a book, a ulock and a little cash.

i went into blue front cafe to get a med chicken wrap, which i had been craving, but the place was PACKED. so i got it to go and slowly made my way up haight to eat with all the gutter punks on the edge of golden gate park. on the way i stopped in a bunch of stores lookin for an interview shirt. yah, i supposedly have an interview soon.

at the park i sit down and the first thing i see is SO san francisco. everyone’s on bicycles- guy leaving the park is riding while talkin on his celly meanwhile 4 guys low-ridin on kona downhillers are ridin in each with a big cup of soda in their hand. just great. i stay there a while listening to the ipod, chowin and reading “the dark fields”. great book. i just started it today and i can’t put it down. i’ll finish it in no time. while laying there i remember the online gallery of pix taken in the reflection of the backs of ipods. i had always wondered y i never took one. but i realized that i’ve comletely stickered over the shiny surface and could take one if i wanted to.

returning, i walk down the other side of the street and immediately turn into amoeba. i’m so distracted that i can’t think of any of the cds i want to buy. i’ve been streaming smoothbeats for like a day straight now and if there was a way i could listen to that 24/7, i wouldn’t need to buy cds for a long long time. so i leave and continue my quest for the interview shirt to no avail. darn.

it’s obvious that shopping is pointless, so i hop back on the bike and while i’m riding get a call from trina’s brother dave. he’s in town and we’re gonna go to dinner tomorrow. i of course am riding the whole time we talk. i land in the grind, get a cup of joe and park myself on the couch there with my book. as soon as i sit down. this guy with the most amazing eyes walks in and we start that flirtin thing. he gets his cup to go and i seem disappointed, but what’s this, he’s walkin over to me. see? i need to leave my neighborhood more often.
him: “ummmmm, are you blahblhjelrtjdfgij”
me: “what?”
him: “are you kyle”
me: “oh no man, i’m eric not kyle”
him: “oh sorry”
he starts to walk away. little voice inside my head starts screaming GO TELL HIM YOU’LL BE KYLE IF HE WANTS YOU TO BE. i don’t. i just gaze longingly at him. it’s turns out kyle is 10 years older then me and a shlub with a moustache wearing pearl izumi colorado sweatpants. damn.

i go to check out dan chao’s band at molotov’s. they are going on last and dan tells me i’m not gonna like the first band. he’s right. they are draining. so i go get more coffee and read for 45 minutes and flirt with 2 more cute guys just in time to return for the draining band’s last song. the next band is a punkabilly band called teenage harlets. they are AMAZING and i will see them again for sure. the frontman’s good pal is this totally hot rockabilly lookin dude who has 3 girls hangin on to him. i am jealous of all 3 of them.

dan’s band plays and is great. they get better with each show. i hope they re-record all their material as a 3some now that they’ve added a bassist. i love going to see them. on his way out the frontman from the harlets gives me and ted one of their armbands- cool.

it’s cold as hell as i’m ridin my bike home, but i don’t care too much cuz i know i’ll be riding uphill. i’m home now. and kinda wired from all that coffee, so i busted this out before i go to see “wild style” tonight. all in all a busy, GREAT day.


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