meeting people is easy


monday i’m sitting in Atlas and this totally cute guy with a sk8board seriously marches right up to me and asks “hey is that your bike outside?” i had ridden the vtr in and my helmet was up on the table holding my damn laptop screen, so it was obvious. the dude, whose name i later find out is sam, was totally cool. we talked for like half hour like we knew each other. he rides a 900supersport and goes on lots of cool trips, so we had plenty to chat on. cute or not, i figured there was no way a guy who rides sportbikes and skates could be gay. so i didn’t ax for his number or anything. i mean i’m gonna go back to atlas some more, so maybe i’ll run into him, who knows?

in the meantime, i’ve kinda been checkin things in seattle in case anything fortuitous should happen. so culling through the dudes online i found one, literally one, cool dude. tonight i took a chance and im’ed and the same thing happened- we totally hit off. we “talked” for like an hour (finger quotes for john’s benefit). crazy, i know. maybe when john and i aren’t always together, people actually realize i’m single. even tho i miss johnny, this is kinda nice.


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