channeling van gogh


this is gonna sound sick. i know i should not say this but what the hell. today i was rethinking my going away present for johnny. see the first thing i thought of is the cast iron skillet we have that’s perfectly seasoned and john uses to cook sausage in. anyone who knows john will realize that actually cooking something is well beyond his typical kitchen activities. though i still want to give john the skillet, i feel bad just sending him off with a pan. that’s so- parental. so i thought of getting him a pair of really expensive headphones we’ve both been lusting after. i even picked up a pair used for a decent discount. but other than the fact that i know he wants these, it’s a meaningless present. so i keep racking my brain. and walking the dogs home tonight i had the weirdest thought. i wish i could give john my pinkie. like in yakuza movies. to honor him, and so that he can keep a little part of me with him. no, i’m not gonna do it. that’s gross. but i wish i could come up with something as meaningful.


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