if you get it, get it


today while riding around i saw my second honda element. it was much smaller than i remembered and that actually made me very happy. i was very worried to be so obsessed with a large, or even medium sized car/suv. so i came home and when i had a little free time i did some research to see what kind of reviews the element has been getting (for the most part , the only complaint is wind noise if you care). the reviews were mostly complementary, and all of them said pretty much the same things. you could tell alot of what they said was influenced by a press kit. for instance, according to nearly every review, the element is for 22 year old guys. only one reviewer (a middle-age woman) understood that there would be lots of other demographics who would really like the car. so i was shocked, but not surprised when a few reviewers got caught up on the fact that because the element doesn’t fit in any of the old standard car types, that people won’t buy it because they’ll have to spend too much time explaining what it is. how lame is that? but i guess i haven’t really seen many of them on the streets of SF yet so maybe it’s true. we have tons of crossovers here, but they’re all lexus r300 and bmw x5. i can’t explain the lack of affordable crossovers like the element/murano/etc on the streets of sf yet. maybe they are just too new? or maybe people really don’t get them. if so that makes me sad. but i get it, and i want to get one.

i’m also still stuck on the whole gps thing. it just shocks me how few cars actually have gps available. and it also shocks me that i can’t find any sites on the internet that compare the availablity and interface of stock in-dash gps systems from different car manufacturers. maybe i’ve found my new calling.


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