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what a line up


this evening on the sundance channel, they’ve shown scratch, hell house and cq all in a row. luckily tivo has given me a chance to get out of the house. Advertisements

much better


i was sick for a while. i didn’t get anything done. today, i’ve gotten a TON of sh*t done, including a few long time projects. i’ve finally finished sorting, cropping and posting my pix from south america. check out page one and page two.

thanks to chris, i checked out the moblogging at text america. since this place is all about sms, i had high hopes. but after completing a long registration process i’ve learned that you can only add entries via a web or WAP interface. COME ON. when will someone implement a blog that i can add […]

if i can’t live in tokyo (which right now, i can’t), at least i can live in san francisco, where between japantown (especially kinokuniya bookstore), clement street (especially genki), and kid robot (oh god, heaven on haight street), i can come as close as possible for gaijin. i don’t know if uwajimaya and shopping online […]

don’t forget april 29th is free cone day at ben and jerry’s stores around the country. i’ve seen the line go around the block @ the store on haight street before.

real quick


nothing big to blog. just wanted to pop my head up and say Hi! i’ve been buried under mounds of screenshots for the past week. i’m a sucker. i know i can do a good job, better than most, so i volunteer for it. and then so much suffers because i’m overextended. maybe if i […]

i am my parent’s child. it’s sad but true, just like the damn offspring song says. it works two ways, some of the things i do or like, are because my parents did or like them. my parents took me to art museums before i could walk. my mom watched science shows with me while […]