new classics


courtesy of a poor summary on metafilter. a writer for the boston globe asked film students in their 20s for their list of the ten great movies. alot of classics showed up, but so did a pattern of movies that will definitely be in the canon of the mtv generation. pt anderson reprints the article. their new top 10?

  1. pulp fiction
  2. the godfather
  3. fight club
  4. run lola run
  5. amelie
  6. 12 monkeys
  7. the big lebowski
  8. memento
  9. boogie nights
  10. the matrix

my thoughts: first, i wonder what pt anderson thinks of this when not a single film of his in the list. i’m also really shocked that though he got notable mention, that stanley kubrick films are now to old fashioned to make the list. finally there’s definitely a few i question. i wonder how the big lebowski is the coen bros film of choice. i wonder how 12 monkeys even made it on to the list, and i wonder how the matrix is number 10 when it’s so influential on the look of today’s movies. you just need to read the whole piece. warning! it’s long.


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