don’t pick it up


i am my parent’s child. it’s sad but true, just like the damn offspring song says. it works two ways, some of the things i do or like, are because my parents did or like them. my parents took me to art museums before i could walk. my mom watched science shows with me while i was in elementary school. my mom set an example of continuing to learn even after she left school. my parents were both orientalists: we had a house full of asian tchotchkes and they had me using chopsticks when i was 8 (not bad for a white kid in the midwest). i have taken on all these traits.

i do some things because my parents believe they are right even if they couldn’t get there themselves. i am not an orientalist, but i have respect for many foreign cultures, including asian ones. i embrace people of all backgrounds and spend more time around various people than my parents did, because they accepted and encouraged that behavior. i believe that parents should be active with their children. my parents and i took walks through city parks, but i was hoping for something more adventurous and encourage it in others. i believe in multi-lingual households, but we just never got into spanish enough to be genuinely bilingual.

and last there are things that are a part of me because they are things i hated about my parents. i never believe that we can only accomplish something through technology… i hated going to exhibits of ancient art or artifacts with my dad. all he would talk about is how he couldn’t believe people did that with such primitive tools or knowledge. i hate scuba diving. it was the excuse my parents used to go on “beautiful” (i don’t know if they really were beautiful since i wasn’t there) vacations to warm climates without me. i don’t agree with parents who take vacations without their children for the same reason. i believe strongly in inter-racial dating and marriage, and can’t imagine my parent’s lame excuses against it. i hate football, and golf because i was forced to watch these dull ass sports as a child. i also dislike movies that are constructed like rocky and karate kid (good guy nearing top of his game loses it all, suffers horrible defeat and comes back at just the last second) because they bring back awful memories.

very few of my traits are my own. and i’m still not sure if they are really my own.


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