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more engrish


this time it’s a tour guide to weird places in japan. oh this is rich. Advertisements

oh come now, Japan has been doing schoolgirls forever… literally.

a good idea for taking console gaming to a social level in meatspace, not just online. now if only we could figger out how to get mobile phones involved. hmmmm. 😉

gift ideas


john usually buys birthday presents months before people’s actual birthdays. this year i’ve already got his picked out too. (i can’t tell you what it is cuz he reads this). but if you arent like john, and haven’t picked out my birthday present already, the nokia n-Gage is launching on my birthday.and while it’s big, […]

the headline story on TechLive tonight was about extasy and how apparently some researcher wants to use it to treat post traumatic stress disorder. while they were building up e’s bad reputation, the reporter said in a dramatic voice “it’s responsible for over 60 deaths a year”. 60? 60?! more people than that are murdered […]

today i discovered geourl from a couple of people simultaneously. i’ve registered, so by clicking on the button, you and i can find other people nearby. i also posted my first news roundup at yesterday. thanks to jon for giving me a chance to prove myself and post to a wider audience. now no […]



i’ve always loved a good documentary. who can deny the genious of an errol morris film? thanks to beth, i’ve broadened my documentary horizons. today, pushing my documentary boundaries, i dragged nigel to canvas to go see offspring. it’s an hour long film about a middle aged guy whose mom tells him he and his […]