proud papa


yesterday i had to cut mac’s playtime short, so i promised to make it up to him today. when it was time to go so that mac would have plenty of time to run and sniff, it was raining. but we didn’t let that stop us, and luckily it stopped raining while we were on our merry way.

when we get to the park and mac finds a pine cone and goes about chewing on it until he’s distracted by a dog, who then takes a liking to his pine cone. after a while of sharing, mac goes on a hunt for another pine cone of his own. about 3 minutes later he comes back trotting towards us with a stick or maybe a pine cone looking dark shape in his mouth. he stops about a meter from me, and i realize he’s brought back a dead bird. he’s been very good and is holding the bird gently in his mouth. i tell him to drop it for me and he obeys immediately. i have no choice but to shower him with praise. my dog has done exactly what he was bred to do. he found a dead bird, brought it back, and surrendered it to me. we are officially a team, my dog and i.


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