when can i get out of this country?


i’m a white american. i should feel like i’m on top of the world, like i own the place. but instead i’m so embarrassed. i don’t quite think i’ve worked up to “ashamed” but maybe that’s because i never consider myself particularly white or american. if i defined myself by these two facts, i would definitely be ashamed, but then again if i defined myself by my skin color and citizenship, i probably wouldn’t think the way i do and wouldn’t be ashamed of the US at all.

today’s good one. i had a few minutes to kill, so i was catching up on metafilter stories when i came across the headline U.S warns Canada against easing pot laws. Did you think it was from the Onion, or maybe a paper like the Post known for hyperbolizing? i did too. that’s why i checked the original. it’s a story from the CBC, the Canadian Broadcast Company, a trusted news source in my book.

if you’re too lazy to read the story, basically a guy who’s not really our drug czar (i still don’t get that term considering a czar is a person who rules over something) but his “right hand man,” goes shooting his mouth off and says if canada eased it’s pot laws the US would be “forced to respond.” he’s afraid pot use could penetrate more widely into the US.

earth to right-hand man: pot has penetrated the entire US. it probably did so sometime between 1968 and 1975. what planet is this guy from. earth to right-hand man #2: you don’t go making threats against a neighboring country over something as silly as weed. that’s just stupid. that’s practically a south park episode. in fact i haven’t watched south park in a few years, so maybe it already was a south park episode. (n.b. on discussing this issue further with a newfound friend, she suggested that this is posturing about potential economic sanctions, which canada legitimately fears.)

either way this is totally going too far. pot is here, in all the west coast states pot has basically been decriminalized to the extent of the UK and (potential) Canadian laws because we all have medical marijuana acts. a fact mr. right-hand man dude as well as the drug czar would deny vociferously were it brought up, i’m sure. we also have bigger worries when it comes to america’s youth thanthan canada’s drug laws. geez, like maybe, a severe lack of education funding? dude, pot is not making our kids stupid, lack of educational resources makes them stupid, pot just keeps them happy that way.

which brings up another point. if, as my own conspiracy theory goes, the US government is trying to raise generations of idiots who will believe anything they say, won’t make very much money, and will comply with absurd regulations by denying them education and hoping that stupidity will allow them to govern with less “hassle”, then why on earth would you want to deny these children a drug that lulls them into a nice easy calm? come on. they should be prescribing pot to all kids. it would work wonders for their make american kids stupid program.

disclosure: i don’t smoke cigarettes or pot. but i live in cali, which means pretty much everyone i know smokes pot. (confusing term #2, in cali smoking pot is not considered smoking, nor is it considered doing drugs. it’s literally a category of its own, yet unnamed because it’s assumed everyone does it.) i am an american citizen and appreciate that i live in a country where i can publicly dissent from my government (until john ashcroft takes that right away in the name of national security).


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