tonight i went with loretta to see a buckminster fuller documentary that i had seen before. the fact that i had seen it already was kind of a drag, but i was able to pay closer attention to things i wanted to remember because i wasn’t distracted by the movie anymore.

“the future is a race between catastrophe and education” i mean how desperate, and how awesome is that?

“humans were born with legs and not roots. our principle advantage then, is mobility.” can i just say it’s no wonder that i’ve held this man in high esteem since i can remember.

he also mumbled something about the youth being citizens of the world and not one particular country, which is why they didn’t understand the justifications for the vietnam war. something i found particularly poignant considering my own view and current events. what i wonder is the youth he spoke of should be in power today. why is it that we still have these petty squabbles?


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