i saw it first


i started waiting in line at 6:45 pm so we could get the good seats. the coronet seats 1300, so there are definitely good and bad seats. 2 very cold hours later ted and barbara brought me thai food and coffee, and dan joined us in line shortly after that. by then everyone in line had friends who had joined them, so there were about 100 people in front of us. we still got good seats.

around 10 pm, they started showing the commercials, and then the trailers. LOTS of trailers. lots of boos for stupid movies, but surprisingly, bad boys 2 got tons of cheers. weird. and finally around 10:20 the magic began. it was PURE magic. i will not give anything away. i will just 2 things: it is an action packed two hours with fight scenes so engaging that my adrenaline is still pumping, and don’t believe all the negative reviews you heard. i don’t want to blow the movie, so i’ll just say there’s TONS of plot and it is in no way a predictable sequel, although it starts out as one.

one thing i can ask without giving anything away. how come in movies raves are always good and cool, but the news media and tv always portrays them as evil. why is there a dividing line between tv and movies in that respect and how do we break down the barriers and make it as acceptable on tv as it is on the big screen. or say in real life?


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